Doors in the Air: C. S. Lewis and the Imaginative World

‘The story does what no theorem can quite do. It may not be like ‘real life’ in the superficial sense: but it sets before us an image of what reality may well be like in some more central region.’ – C. S. Lewis, On Stories.

C. S. Lewis is renowned the world over for his startling array of works, ranging from theology to literary criticism and to fiction as diverse as The Cosmic Trilogy and The Chronicles of Narnia. Perhaps chief among the facets that draw readers to his work is his capacity to imagine – and envision – other worlds, and through them put reality back in touch with the fullness of ‘imaginative life’.

This collection of essays is dedicated to exploring this remarkable, and distinctly Lewisian, approach to the imaginative world.

This collection, edited by Anna Thayer (nee Slack) and published by PortalEditions, includes the following papers:

  • Shandi Stevenson:‘The Right Books’: A Christian Philosophy of Fantasy in C. S. Lewis’ Fiction;
  • Todd Edmondson: Imagination as a Fruit of the Spirit in C. S. Lewis’ Life and Thought;
  • Chiara Sgro: ‘The Horns of Elfland’: C.S. Lewis on Myth, History and Fantasy Literature;
  • Valerie Frankel: The Double-Sided Wardrobe:The Hero’s and Heroine’s Journey Through Narnia;
  • Anna Thayer (nee Slack): The Air of Narnia: Stories and True Adulthood in Prince Caspian;
  • John Hathaway: ‘Holy Places are Dark Places’: Finding God in Till We Have Faces;
  • Alf Seegert: ‘Harsh to the Feet of Shadows’: The Wild Landscape of the Real in C. S. Lewis’
  • The Great Divorce and William Faulkner’s The Bear;
  • Annie Birks: Screwtape in Middle-Earth: Variations on a Theme;
  • Martin Simonson and Raúl Montero Gilete: The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings: Two Imaginative Responses to the Great War.

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