The Knight of Eldaran


Published by Lion Fiction (and distributed by Kregel in North America), this award-winning fantasy trilogy is Anna’s fiction début.

‘Thayer masterfully weaves a world of intrigue, passion, and divided loyalties, which will grip the reader from the first page to the last.’

  • Book 1, ‘The Traitor’s Heir’, won Bronze in the fantasy category in the 2014 IndieFab Awards.
  • Book 3, ‘The Broken Blade’, is a finalist for the fantasy category in the 2015 IndieFab Awards.

What reviewers are saying:

  • ‘One of those hidden gems.’ – The Book Plank
  • ‘A thrilling story fraught with uncertainty and betrayal.’ – Publishers Weekly
  • ‘[Thayer captures] the eternal struggle between head and heart. – Daily Mail
  • ‘A modern classic, in the vein of Lewis.’ – GoodReads
  • ‘A truly great work of art.’ – Goodreads
  • ‘I don’t compare books to Tolkien… this is the best fantasy book I’ve read since then.’ – GoodReads

Learn more about the three books below:

9781782640752For over five hundred years the River Realm has lain in the charge of the Master, and the Master’s glory has kept the land strong against its enemies.

As cadet Eamon Goodman swears to serve the Master – his highest ambition – a dark voice penetrates his mind, and offers him unsettling power. Then Eamon meets the true king. Despite having made a binding oath to the Master, his heart longs to be a King’s man.

Whom will Eamon betray?

9781782640776Eamon Goodman is faced with a desperate task. The Master – the usurper who sits enthroned over the River Realm – has threatened to slaughter every man who has ever loyally served Eamon.

To save his men, Eamon must bring the Master the head of the King’s closest ally. Little does the Master know that Eamon once freely pledged allegiance to the King.

How can Eamon now face the King, whom he has wilfully betrayed? And who will pay the price for every broken vow?

COV_FRONTEamon Goodman is the Master’s Right Hand: the second most powerful man in the realm.

He also has a burning secret – his loyalty lies elsewhere… with the rightful King.

But separated from those he loves, and subject to the tortures of the Master’s mind games, will he hold fast?

As the King’s forces gather, the stage for the final battle is set. Eamon rides out at the head of the Master’s army and must finally decide where his true allegiance lies. His choice will determine the fate of the River Realm.